Deliveroo unveils 2021’s hottest food trends

  • Top three tried-and-tested food trends in 2020: Homemade pasta, dairy-free alternatives and whipped coffee
  • 2021 welcomes similar themes from 2020 around conscious consumerism, plant-based alternatives and sustainability

The year 2020 had been a rollercoaster ride, with highs and lows, for everyone. One of the few peaks to emerge last year was interesting food trends as people looked for ways to entertain themselves at home. Whether it was banana bread, whipped coffee or homemade pasta, food lovers stretched their creativity to whip up unique food delights.

Which pandemic-induced food trends will stick around this year? Deliveroo has commissioned a Censuswide survey of over 1,000 Singaporean foodies to find out which 2020 food trends they are bringing into the New Year.

Moving towards a zero food waste nation

With increasing concerns over climate change, many are demanding and willing to change their eating habits for the greater good. Reducing food waste is the top food trend that Singaporeans want to see this year, with more than half (51%) of respondents committing to cut down on food waste.

The rise of clean-eating, dairy-free and meat-free alternatives

2020 was the year of balance. Foodies tried new food options in an attempt to live healthier and more sustainably. In keeping with this trend, half of those surveyed are planning to incorporate a clean-eating diet, with 48% expressing that they would like sustainable foods to continue to be a key food trend this year. 43% of respondents are looking to replace some meat dishes with plant-based food, while 49% are planning to include dairy-free alternatives such as soy, oat and almond in their diets. Good news for those looking to jump onto the healthy bandwagon: From today until 17 January, enjoy free delivery on Deliveroo from selected health-conscious restaurant partners such as An Acai Affair, The Salad Fork and Wonder Juice.

Experimenting with homemade pasta

Singaporeans took their love affair with pasta to a whole new level in 2020. 32% of those surveyed said they tried their hands at whipping up all kinds of fresh pasta at home. In fact, a whopping 53% are planning to keep up this newfound tradition this year.

Say goodbye to hangovers with non-alcoholic drinks 

New Year, New Me? Singaporeans may have had a few too many drinks over the festive season, and many may have sworn off alcohol as part of their New Year resolution. 49% of respondents are in favour of embracing non-alcoholic drinks in 2021, while 22% said that they want to leave them behind.

Asian cuisines will always have a special place in Singaporeans hearts (and tummies)

It's no surprise that Asian cuisines ranked top among Singaporeans as many turned to Chinese (45%) and Singaporean (45%) dishes as a source of comfort during the pandemic. Asian cuisines will continue to fare well in the new year, with respondents looking forward to expanding their palates with Korean (45%) and Japanese (48%) dishes. Well-loved Asian restaurants on Deliveroo include Boon Tong Kee, Wok Hey, Soup Restaurant and Crystal Jade.

Hungry for social media inspiration

Dubbed as a social media nation, foodies in Singapore turned to Facebook (45%) and Instagram (35%) to find food inspiration. This is closely followed by recommendations by friends and family (34%).

What food trends will you be experimenting this year?

Survey methodology

The data was collected via a Censuswide survey conducted on behalf of Deliveroo in Q4 2020, among 1,003 respondents in Singapore.

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