Deliveroo Announces Pizza Crusts Ban

Deliveroo Announces Pizza Crusts Ban

  • Cull the crust!

Pizza cutters at the ready! Singapore's most loved food delivery service, Deliveroo, has today announced it plans to remove all pizza crust options from the app, due to overwhelming anti-crust feedback from customers. The crust cull will begin with immediate effect on the Deliveroo website and app on April 1st.

The move comes amid concern from Deliveroo around a growing group of customers who have launched a petition to have the plain edges of the pizza banned. The food company reports that "No crusts" has become the most frequent menu personalisation request from customers placing pizza orders across all of its 14 markets.

The company also recently experienced an outage due to an overwhelming volume of "Crustomer complaints", with London, Paris and Singapore experiencing the highest volumes in anti-crust sentiment. Psychologists believe that this newfound resentment towards pizza crust may be one of the long-term side effects from parents' removing the crusts on their children's sandwiches.

A Deliveroo Spokesperson said: "It's still unclear to us exactly why consumer opinion has dropped so dramatically, despite partners trying to disguise the taste of the plain dough with a selection of delicious dips. The decision to ban crusts on our platform has not been taken lightly, but after receiving millions of complaints from customers receiving crusts on their pizzas, we see no other option but to remove them altogether."

Goodbye for now crusts – know that you'll always have a pizza our heart!

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