Deliveroo and HANS IM GLÜCK dish out a poppin’ limited edition burger for International Hamburger Day

Deliveroo and HANS IM GLÜCK dish out a poppin’ limited edition burger for International Hamburger Day

  • For the people and chosen by the people, the Goldipops is one burger you won't want to miss!

Burger lovers unite! This International Hamburger Day (28 May) Singapore's favourite food delivery service, Deliveroo, has teamed up with popular German Burgergrill HANS IM GLÜCK to serve up an upgraded version of the SCHNÖRKELLOSER burger, co-created with and named by our very own Deliveroo foodies, making it truly the people's choice burger!

Aptly named Goldipops, the limited-edition creation is an elevated beef burger containing a juicy beef patty, fresh lettuce, red onions and sun ripened tomatoes, topped with the signature HANS IM GLÜCK sauce. Made more irresistible, and oh-so-Instagrammable, with the addition of Kaya Butter Toast popcorn garnished with edible gold flakes, this mouth-watering burger is chosen by loyal Deliveroo fans via a recent social media contest. True to its name, this fast-food favourite shines in its unique flavour combination of savoury and sweet-salty.

Aside from being an adventurous addition to the Goldipops, edible gold also ties to the well-loved fairytale* behind the HANS IM GLÜCK brand. The story's protagonist, Lucky Hans, who was rewarded in gold for his dutiful work, exchanged his wealth gradually for material possessions of lesser value and found happiness in this process. The gourmet burgergrill provides opulent gold coins to customers as a reminder of Hans' merry and unburdened thinking.

From 24 to 31 May 2021, order the Goldipops set, which comes with fries and a drink, for pick-up or delivery orders at all five HANS IM GLÜCK Burgergrills exclusively on Deliveroo, at a pocket-friendly price of $28.80. Don't miss your chance to celebrate International Hamburger Day in style. Stay golden, foodies!

*See Appendix for a summary of the fairytale.

Appendix: HANS IM GLÜCK fairytale

"There is no man under the sun as fortunate as I," declares Hans of the well-loved tale, HANS IM GLÜCK.

There was once a boy named Hans, who was rewarded in gold by his master for the dutiful work he had carried out for seven years. On his journey home, he came across a horseman who asked why he was travelling on foot and offered to trade his horse for the giant gold nugget. Hans obliged, and as he went along his way, he met several others who offered to exchange his horse for a cow, his cow for a pig, his pig for a goose, and finally his goose for a grindstone. Soon enough, he felt weary and stopped by a well for a refreshing drink. As he rested the grindstone on the side of the well, it slipped and fell in. But he was not upset — in fact, he was overjoyed and thanked God for ridding him of the heavy stone. With unburdened shoulders, he went on his merry way home to meet his mother.

This fairytale was written by Brothers Grimm, and the summary above is also available on the HANS IM GLÜCK menu.

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