Deliveroo Singapore pilots Power-Assisted Bicycle (PAB) Upgrade Promotion and Incentive Scheme to increase rider earning potential

  • Deliveroo is incentivising riders who purchase new a power-assisted bicycle (PAB) to increase the earnings potential for up to 200 riders looking for a vehicle upgrade
  • The programme will incentivise riders to switch to green vehicles, as well as allow walkers and cyclists to increase their earnings by completing more orders safely within a shorter period, and is in line with Singapore's vision to have all vehicles run on cleaner energy by 2040
  • The $100,000 pilot initiative is funded by the company's global Community Fund, which recognises the importance of supporting local communities, restaurants and riders

Deliveroo Singapore today announced the pilot of its Power-Assisted Bicycle (PAB) Promotion and Incentive Scheme - an initiative designed to support riders, specifically walkers and cyclists, to convert their mode of delivery to an electric bicycle. The programme aims to reduce the average order duration and increase riders' earnings by empowering them to complete more orders safely. This is in line with Deliveroo's recent rider survey which shared that earnings (77%), and the flexibility to decide when (74%), where (64%) and how long one works for (47%) were the most attractive factors in choosing to become a delivery rider.

The $100,000 initiative is funded by the food delivery company's global Community Fund, which recognises how important riders, customers and restaurants have been to the company's growth to date.

This month, 200 riders will be invited to participate in the pilot group. Deliveroo will provide additional incentives (additional $2 per delivery, up to a cap of up to $500) for riders who choose to switch to providing delivery services using selected Land Transport Authority (LTA)-compliant PAB models from two suppliers, MOBOT and FALCON PEV. The  shortlisted riders will also be able to purchase new e-bicycles suitable for food deliveries or upgrade from non-powered bicycles from the partner suppliers at an exclusive discount and receive freebies.

Deliveroo rider and recipient of the Deliveroo PAB Upgrade Promotion and Incentive Scheme, Mr Ong Zhi Hao, said, "I've been delivering orders with Deliveroo via bicycle since 2018 and have always wanted to upgrade my mode of delivery to an e-bicycle, but did not have the financial means to purchase it on my own. Now, with my savings coupled with Deliveroo's help, I am glad to be able to upgrade to a PAB to deliver more orders to customers and boost my income in a safe manner."

"With food delivery in greater demand due to the pandemic, we know that our delivery riders, especially walkers and cyclists, want to deliver orders with ease and complete more orders within a day without compromising their safety. Depending on the model and specifications, vehicles such as power-assisted bicycles can be expensive and cost about $700 to $1,800. We hope that with this new incentive scheme, we are able to help our Deliveroo riders ease their financial burden and earn more within the hour through more deliveries fulfilled," said Ms Sarah Tan, General Manager of Deliveroo Singapore.

"In addition to improving our riders' quality of life, we care for the environment and are always looking to bring great tasting food to customers in a more sustainable manner. The programme reinforces our ongoing commitment to sustainability and aligns with the government's push towards a car-lite society, part of The Singapore Green Plan 2030. We hope to expand the initiative to do more for the environment and broaden our support for additional riders if the pilot goes well," she added.

The initiative marks the first project in Singapore that is supported by the company's global Community Fund. Over the next five years, Deliveroo will continue to invest in initiatives to support local communities, restaurants and riders.

Deliveroo's support initiatives for riders include providing upskilling and training opportunities. Earlier this month, Deliveroo expanded its learning initiative to upskill its riders, including partnerships with education and training platforms such as Adept Academy and OpenClassrooms, reaffirming its commitment to support Deliveroo riders in their journey for lifelong learning.  

As a socially responsible company, Deliveroo's sustainability efforts include partnerships with barePack and BioPak, where the company offers sustainable packaging options to all restaurant partners with discounts to help them make the easy switch to eco-friendly packaging. Deliveroo has also signed the WWF's (World Wide Fund for Nature) PACT (Plastic ACTion) pledge, committing to encouraging consumer behaviour change and restaurant partners to improve their packaging materials.

 The rider survey was conducted in September 2021 with 1,377 respondents

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