The votes are in: Check out the winners of Deliveroo Singapore’s inaugural Restaurant Awards 2021

  • The Awards was created to honour restaurants for their hard work in adapting their businesses to continue delighting foodies amidst the pandemic.
  • Winners announced across nine categories including Best Hawker, Best Halal Restaurant and Most-Loved Chain.

The foodies have spoken and the votes have been counted! Deliveroo Singapore is proud to unveil its first annual Restaurant Awards winners, recognising some of the most beloved restaurants and grocers on the platform!

With 2021 being an immensely challenging year for the F&B industry, Deliveroo's first-ever Restaurant Awards honour restaurants for their perseverance in continuing to satisfy foodies' cravings amidst the pandemic. Chosen through a public voting process held on Deliveroo's Facebook page, the Awards spotlight the crème de la crème of Deliveroo's restaurant and grocery partners across nine distinct categories. The range of categories reflect local taste buds and popular food trends as seen in Deliveroo's annual 'Deliveroo 100 Report', including healthy eating such as customisable nutritious bowls, on-demand groceries and comfort foods such as fried chicken and burgers.

The public voting was open on 6 December 2021, and in four weeks, close to 6,000 local foodies voted and helped pick the winners in each award category. Winners include popular comfort food favourites such as Starbucks, Popeyes, Jollibee and Swensen's, taking home the awards for 'Go-to Restaurant for Guilty Pleasures', 'Best Value-For-Money Restaurant', 'Most-Loved Chain' and 'Best Halal Restaurant' respectively. Food Republic, famous for carrying a wide range of yummy local delights clinched the 'Best Hawker' award.

Please see the full list of awards and finalists below:

Restaurant Awards 2021 categories

Restaurant Awards 2021 winners

Best Hawker

Food Republic

Best Halal Restaurant


Best Family Restaurant

Crystal Jade

Best Healthy Options

Soup Spoon

Go-to Restaurant for Guilty Pleasures


Best Editions Restaurant

Deliveroo Food Market

Best Essentials

Cold Storage

Most-Loved Chain


Best Value-For-Money Restaurant


Sarah Tan, General Manager, Deliveroo Singapore, said: "We are overwhelmed by the support and number of votes received in the first-ever Restaurant Awards in Singapore. Food certainly brings people together, and we would like to thank our loyal customers for showing love to their favourite restaurants and grocers. The past year has proven to be a challenging journey for our restaurant and grocery partners, and we're thrilled to be able to honour them for their hard work in adapting their businesses to continue delighting foodies amid the pandemic. As we look ahead into the new year, we look forward to introducing new campaigns to stay connected with our customers in a fun, positive and uplifting way, and continue supporting our restaurant and grocery partners."

From today, Deliveroo customers can check out the menus of the nine winners via a dedicated "Deliveroo Singapore Restaurant Awards" category on the Deliveroo app.

Appendix: Deliveroo Singapore Restaurant Awards 2021 categories

  1. Best Hawker

Hawker food is a poster child for Singapore's multicultural heritage - we simply can't get enough of tasty and diverse local food! Help us celebrate the places that make them by voting for your absolute favourite.

  1. Best Halal Restaurant

Halal food boasts rich diversity and amazing flavours. These restaurants serve up food that is comforting, simply delicious, and halal-certified. But who does it best?

  1. Best Family Restaurant

Great food is for everyone, so we've selected these places for having the best family bundle meals (above $70), according to our order data. Vote for your family fave today.

  1. Best Healthy Options

We all know that eating healthy food makes us feel awesome. Whether you are in the mood for salads or poke bowls, these hotspots have mastered the art of delicious and nutritious food.

  1. Go-to Restaurant for Guilty Pleasures

If you love fast food, ice cream and desserts, we want to hear from you! Vote for your go-to restaurant to satisfy your guilty pleasures.

  1. Best Editions Restaurant

An award for the ultimate delivery-only restaurant, serving up their menu to customers through Deliveroo Editions kitchens.

  1. Best Essentials

Love ordering everyday grocery essentials on Deliveroo? Cast your vote to crown your favourite supermarket, deli or grocery store.

  1. Most-Loved Chain

From burgers to fried chicken, big name chains will satisfy almost any appetite. With all this choice, which restaurant chain will come out number one in 2021?

  1. Best Value-For-Money Restaurant

Yummy food doesn't have to break the bank. This award celebrates restaurants with the best $15 value meals on Deliveroo.

  Refer to the appendix for descriptions of each awards category

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