Deliveroo Singapore Receives Record Number of Rider Applications in Q1 2020: Nearly 5,000 apply to join

  • From 23 March, applications to become a Deliveroo rider surged by 80%
  • Approximately 1,000 new riders were added to the Deliveroo fleet in Q1 2020; with over 1,000 riders added to the fleet in the month of April alone
  • Deliveroo expects to hire an additional 2,000 riders by the end of Q2 as demand for food delivery grows during COVID-19
  • SGD$7,095 was the highest amount earned by a rider in March 2020, as Deliveroo riders' earning potential continues to increase

Deliveroo received nearly 5,000 rider applications in Q1 2020 – up 30% from application numbers in Q4 2019. As COVID-19 continues to impact businesses and daily life, rider applications have continued to grow, with Deliveroo adding approximately 1,000 riders in the month of April alone, taking the firm's total rider fleet from 6,000 in Q1 to more than 7,000 now.

Rider numbers have grown to support the increase in restaurants who have transitioned from dine-in to delivery and takeaway outlets during Singapore's 'Circuit Breaker' period. Since January, 700 new restaurants have joined Deliveroo, with another 200 expected to be added in the next two weeks as more restaurants look to stay open and acquire additional revenue during this challenging period.

As consumers have been unable to dine in at restaurants, Deliveroo's data has shown an overall increase in orders compared to the weeks before. For consumers who wish to stay home and order in, Deliveroo is expanding its rider fleet who work hard to deliver their favourite foods and restaurants to their door. At the same time, the company is also closely monitoring rider figures to avoid an oversupply of riders and protect rider earnings. In March the highest amount a rider earned was SGD$7,095, demonstrating the earning potential of being a Deliveroo rider in Singapore.

"Wiltian Ang, a rider who started riding with Deliveroo in April, said, "As a small F&B business owner, and recent addition to the Deliveroo fleet, in the face of current losses sustained in my café in the Central Business District (CBD), riding with Deliveroo is a great way to boost the income from my business, and overall support my personal livelihood. The flexibility of being able to choose when I ride allows me to split my time between my business and Deliveroo, and delivering around the CBD means that I have the freedom to be able to check-in with my cafe employees when needed throughout the day. I'm happy to be bringing a little respite to customers at this time by delivering their favourite dishes straight to their doorsteps."

The Singaporean Food Delivery Rider

According to Deliveroo's 2019 Annual Rider Survey Deliveroo riders in Singapore are youthful, with nearly half under 25 years old. Nearly three-quarters (72%) ride part-time with Deliveroo and have at least one other income source aside from riding with Deliveroo.

For riders, being their own boss and work flexibility are the most valued aspects and the main reason they started riding. 4 in 5 riders (84%) say they are satisfied with their current work with Deliveroo, and 77% plan on working with the company for longer than a year.

Outside of work, entertainment, family time and travel are riders' biggest passions. The top five things they enjoy doing in their spare time listed by riders in Singapore include going to the cinema or watching films, listening to music, visiting friends and family, watching television and travelling.

Riding in the Gig Economy

Alongside the ability to make money by accessing other forms of flexible work, the most popular perks amongst riders include discounts on petrol, food and drinks, as well as things outside of work. Riders also want to ride closer to where they live, shorter restaurant wait times, more perks from Deliveroo and better navigation through the app.

To support riders in these areas, Deliveroo has introduced a number of schemes in the past year that include:

  • A unique partnership with Shell to offer 23% off all Shell fuels to every active Deliveroo motorcyclist who applies for the discount
  • Discounted drinks for riders during and after their working hours, in partnership with Deliveroo's restaurant partners
  • A GridMobile SIM plan that includes additional perks for riders
  • More free login in zones so riders are able to ride around wherever they choose, even in the neighbourhood where they live
  • Communications to encourage riders to wear the Deliveroo rider kit and are more visible when arriving at restaurants
  • Delivery incentives for riders who complete deliveries from the top few restaurants with longer wait times
  • Free accident and third party liability insurance for all riders, allowing them to claim for the costs of loss of income or medical expenses if they are unable to ride as a result of an injury while working
  • A portfolio of rider perks such as vehicle care promotions, restaurant deals and accessories that's constantly being added to, all available on a third party app called Portify
  • Since September 2018, partnered with OpenClassrooms, an online education platform for vocational training, to provide free online learning for Deliveroo riders
  • This initiative has recently been expanded to allow riders' families to also access 700 free online courses and diversify their skills
  • On troubleshooting navigation, Deliveroo's tech team is constantly working on updating the map functionality and riders can now report incorrect pins addresses and move pins to the correct location

Sarah Tan, Director of Growth and Marketing, and Interim General Manager, Deliveroo Singapore, said: "Riders are at the heart of all that Deliveroo does, and we have a range of initiatives in place to support them. Their hard work means we can continue to deliver thousands of food choices to customers who are at home during this circuit breaker period, while supporting hawkers and restaurants as they focus on delivery and takeaways during this unprecedented period. With more riders joining Deliveroo, we are constantly evaluating our rider offerings, from Open Classrooms to Cash Out, to make sure we are supporting both riders and their loved ones as much as we can, protecting their earnings while allowing them to be their own bosses and continue the flexible work they value."

Protecting Riders' Health and Safety

Health and safety is a top priority, especially during these unprecedented times. Deliveroo remains in close touch with riders to share official guidance and regular updates related to COVID-19. Tips and reminders of ways to stay healthy shared with riders include: washing hands regularly, monitoring their temperatures twice daily, avoiding touching their face with their hands, avoiding crowded places and staying at home if they're sick, as well encouraging all riders to abide by the safety measures implemented by private

institutions, including restaurant partners.

Riders are always reminded to practice safe distancing, and at restaurants, standing only at designated markings while waiting to pick up orders. When in their Deliveroo rider kit, riders will also be more visible to restaurant staff, minimising queueing or wait times. Riders also have access to masks, available for collection at our three Deliveroo Editions sites in Singapore and sent to their registered addresses along with hand sanitisers

To make its delivery service even safer, Deliveroo has enforced a mandatory 'contact-free delivery' service. Riders are asked to let the customer know they have arrived, place their thermal bag open on the ground outside their door, step back at least 1 metre and wait nearby for the customer to collect the food before the order can be completed.

Riders can choose to cancel any booked deliveries without penalty and are recommended to not complete deliveries should they feel unwell. Deliveroo has also set up a Rider Support Fund to provide our most regular riders with financial help if they need to self-isolate or are unable to work due to COVID- 19. The company has committed multi-million pounds of funds to support impacted riders, allowing those who are unable to work access to financial support whilst they recover.

 Report based on an online survey conducted by an independent provider amongst registered riders in all of Deliveroo's markets in 2019 to better understand who riders are, what they care about, and where to find them. Results are based on the responses submitted by 2,297 riders in Singapore.

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