Deliveroo Singapore kicks off Rider Safety Month with a series of new safety initiatives

Deliveroo Singapore kicks off Rider Safety Month with a series of new safety initiatives

  • New initiatives include training courses in partnership with ComfortDelGro Driving Centre and the Singapore Civil Defence Force and additional resources for riders as part of month-long activities in October focusing on rider safety
  • From 25 October, all Deliveroo riders will be provided with complimentary premium access to global road safety app, Busby

Starting this year, Deliveroo Singapore has appointed the month of October as 'Rider Safety Month' to raise awareness of rider safety on roads. As part of the month-long campaign, the food delivery company will roll out a suite of new safety initiatives, bolstering its commitment to providing a safe working environment for its strong fleet of over 9,000 riders. The initiatives include safety training opportunities in partnership with ComfortDelGro Driving Centre and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), access to additional rider safety support and rider engagement on safety-related matters.

Since its inception, Deliveroo has been leading the way in providing on-demand riders with both the flexibility and the security they deserve. According to a recent rider survey, 90% of riders shared that they are 'satisfied' and 'very satisfied' riding with Deliveroo. The company introduced a first-of-its-kind accident and injury insurance for riders in May 2018. This insurance protects every Deliveroo rider on the road completely free of charge. This provides riders security in the event of an injury while maintaining the flexible work they value.

"Riders are at the heart of all that we do, and we constantly explore new ways to further help protect our riders while on the road and improve their working environment. Knowing that Deliveroo's complimentary insurance is a draw for riders, we looked into strengthening our line-up of safety initiatives with month-long activities as part of 'Rider Safety Month'. From safety courses to targeted assistance and bite-sized educational content, there are plenty of opportunities for riders to improve their safety awareness at their convenience," said Sarah Tan, General Manager, Deliveroo Singapore.

Deliveroo places high importance on the safety and well-being of its riders and the wider community. As such, all riders who join Deliveroo have to complete a programme of introductory road safety guidance as part of comprehensive onboarding sessions. The food delivery company also regularly conducts safety campaigns offering support and advice guidance to riders throughout the year. Deliveroo's latest efforts, 'Rider Safety Month', builds on the company's dedication to safety through the following new initiatives:

Improving safety awareness through basic emergency preparedness and defensive riding courses

Deliveroo has partnered with ComfortDelGro Driving Centre to organise a Defensive Riding Course to equip riders with defensive riding techniques to improve their safety awareness and enhance their survivability on the roads. The course will cover topics such as safe following distance, brake control and avoiding common motorcycle accidents. Deliveroo riders can sign up for physical sessions taking place every weekday throughout October, enabling riders access to choose from over 40 sessions to suit their schedule. Out of 420 rider slots available, over 300 riders have already signed up for the course.

In partnership with SCDF, Deliveroo will also offer a 'Response Ready' course where riders will undergo training on basic emergency preparedness knowledge, basic first aid skills, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) procedures, and basic firefighting. A total of seven sessions will be held from 18 - 27 October. To-date, close to 100 riders have confirmed their interest to attend the course.

Additional rider protection with the launch of global safety app Busby  

Deliveroo's rider survey also shows that over 70% of riders usually provide feedback through rider surveys and hotline, with an additional 51% expressing that they found it to be 'quite' and 'very' helpful. To offer always-on protection, enhance rider safety and prevent incidents, the firm will roll out the Busby app on 25th October, giving complimentary premium access to its riders. Regardless of their vehicle type, all active Deliveroo riders in Singapore can benefit from the app's multi-layered safety functions such as:

  • Incident Detection: If a rider is involved in a road incident, Busby monitors sensors via the phone. If a rider is unresponsive after five minutes, Deliveroo's dedicated rider support will be alerted, alongside the rider's emergency contacts.
  • Flags Danger Hot Spots: Areas such as blind spots or potholes can be reported in the app. The safety information will be shared with Deliveroo so the firm can work with local authorities to solve persistent safety issues or look to improve high-risk areas. This information can also be shared among other riders using Busby.
  • RoadRadar: Busby alerts nearby RoadRadar drivers (such as drivers of trucks, lorries and cars) when Deliveroo riders are nearby to prevent incidents and enhance safety.
  • Busby Flare: If a rider faces mechanical issues, they are able to send out an in-app message to other riders on the app for support.

Rewarding riders on their safety knowledge

Each week this month, riders can look forward to improving their knowledge on safety-related matters with engaging content on topics such as CPR and accident guidelines. From 11 to 17 October, riders can also put their safety awareness to the test through a gamified quiz experience. They can stand a chance to win attractive prizes like an Apple iPad worth $499, Jabra earbuds worth $188 and $25 worth of Deliveroo credits by exploring the platform.

Benjamin Tan, one of the Deliveroo riders who signed up for the Defensive Rider Course, said, "I am glad that Deliveroo is providing ways for riders like me to feel safer and more informed. I signed up for the Defensive Training Course so that I can refresh my knowledge and learn new riding techniques. I appreciate that there are many slots to choose from, and I hope other riders will also try this course!"

  The rider survey was conducted by Deliveroo in September 2021 with 1,377 respondents

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