SaladStop! launches Good Food People, a brand new plant-based grocer on Deliveroo

SaladStop! launches Good Food People, a brand new plant-based grocer on Deliveroo

  • Deliveroo customers will have access to an online marketplace with an exciting variety of over 150 plant-based essential ingredients, from meat-alternative proteins to groceries and homemade sauces.
  • From 1 November 2021, Deliveroo customers can get their hands on exciting Good Food People bundles at up to 20% off RRP!

Making sustainable swaps in your kitchen just got a whole lot easier! On 1 November 2021, SaladStop! will officially launch its grocery arm, Good Food People, on Singapore's most-loved food delivery service, Deliveroo. This is the first time that a restaurant brand will debut a grocery initiative on the platform, giving Deliveroo foodies convenient access to over 150 plant-based essentials with a simple click or tap of a button.

Good Food People was created following popular demand from SaladStop! customers to purchase menu items such as dressings and plant-based proteins, so that they can share their love of the brand with their  family and friends. With many Singaporeans juggling work and school from their homes, the initiative empowers customers with affordable food and recipes that are better for their health and  the environment without taking too much time out of their busy schedules.

Deliveroo customers will be spoilt for choice by the wide range of ready-to-heat, plant-based meal kits, sauces, beverages, dips and cakes made with SaladStop!'s proprietary recipes. Alternative proteins from brands like Impossible Foods, JUST Egg, Beyond Meat, OmniMeat and TiNDLE are also just a click away. These complement the selection of groceries available, such as fruits, vegetables and dry goods.

Exclusive to Deliveroo are a plant-based meats bundle of three (Fable Rendang, Impossible Shepherd's Pie, Kung Pao Heura Chicken) and cold-pressed juice bundle of six (Flavours: Orange, Lime, Hydrate, Heal, Reboot, Alkaline), retailing at 20% off for $38.96 and $31.20, respectively. Deliveroo fans can also purchase launch bundles from JustEgg and WhatIF Foods, at a special offer of 15% off two bundles for a discounted price of $22.60 and $16.80, respectively.

Here's your chance to take stock of your kitchen and food habits ahead of the launch, to see which sustainable swaps you'd like to make with offerings on Good Food People. Mark your calendars!

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