Deliveroo rolls out initiatives to support its community of customers, restaurants and riders in Singapore amid heightened COVID-19 restrictions

  • Deliveroo's support measures include a one-month free trial for Deliveroo Plus, discounts on orders from new-to-Deliveroo restaurants, local small and medium-sized businesses, as well as weekday tea time and dinner deals at up to 20% off.
  • Deliveroo customers can support their favourite restaurants from home during the dine-in ban through Deliveroo's in-app tipping function, with Deliveroo matching the first 10,000 tips from tomorrow (25 May) until 13 June.
  • In the past year, Deliveroo customers in Singapore have contributed over $240,000 in tips to restaurants, with Deliveroo matching the first 20,000 tips.

Deliveroo has introduced additional support initiatives to help its customers, riders and restaurant partners tide through Singapore's Phase Two (Heightened Alert) period.

With more Singaporeans staying home amid tightened COVID-19 restrictions, Deliveroo will offer a one-month free trial of Deliveroo Plus, its subscription membership plan, to ease the financial strain on Singaporeans who are now more reliant on food delivery. The one-month free trial for new Deliveroo Plus subscribers will be available later this week, while existing Deliveroo Plus customers can enjoy unlimited free delivery on orders above $18 and exclusive discounts from well-loved restaurants islandwide, making food delivery more affordable for families to order in meals and groceries to their doorsteps.

Restaurant support initiatives amid dine-in ban

Deliveroo has also rolled out additional restaurant support measures to mitigate the impact of the dine-in ban on its restaurant partners. To help support restaurants during this period as they transition from dine-in to delivery-only and takeaway outlets, Deliveroo has established teams of people across the business to onboard and support restaurants who want to be able to deliver.

Marketing initiatives have also been refocused to promote local restaurants and small and medium-sized businesses during the dine-in ban, especially in the heartland areas of Singapore, and highlight delivery as 'open for business' to encourage consumers to support their local restaurants.

Funded by Deliveroo, the initiatives will run throughout Phase Two (Heightened Alert) and include:

  • 20% off orders above $20 (capped at $5) from over 300 new-to-Deliveroo small and medium-sized restaurants islandwide from 24 May.
  • Weekday tea time and dinner deals for orders between 2pm-5pm and 6pm-9pm respectively, including up to 20% off selected meals from 26 May (For a full list of participating restaurants, please refer to Annex A).
  • 15% off orders above $18 (capped at $3) from over 2,000 local small and medium-sized businesses from 7 June.
  • Up to 15% off orders from well-loved brands, such as Three Buns and Limoncello Pizza & Grill, located in Singapore's Central Business District (CBD) to help alleviate the impact of falling footfall as more Singaporeans work from home.

"We understand that times are tough and what we are focused on at Deliveroo, which is a three-sided marketplace, is our expertise in offering all our stakeholders - customers, restaurant partners and riders - the best support possible. With the recent Phase Two (Heightened Alert) restrictions, we've been working closely with them to understand their concerns and how best we can help them during this challenging time. We have committed additional resources to support new restaurant signs up and onboarding, and introduced new support initiatives funded by Deliveroo such as discounts on orders from local small and medium-sized businesses as well as daily deals to make food delivery more affordable and encourage Singaporeans to support local restaurants. Our business is based on bolstering local restaurants and we remain committed to helping our valued restaurant partners to grow through delivery. We are also working closely to help onboard new restaurants to deliver during this period. Together, we can tide through this difficult period and emerge stronger," said Sarah Tan, General Manager, Deliveroo Singapore.

Deliveroo customers can support local restaurants by leaving a tip via the in-app tipping function, with Deliveroo matching the first 10,000 customer tips from tomorrow (25 May) until 13 June

The latest support measures are part of Deliveroo's ongoing commitment to support its stakeholders during the pandemic. Deliveroo customers can also show support for their favourite restaurants during the dine-in ban through Deliveroo's in-app tipping function, with Deliveroo matching the first 10,000 customer tips until 13 June.

Introduced at the start of Singapore's circuit breaker period (May 2020), the in-app tipping function allows customers to nominate a tip to restaurants by either rounding up or adding an extra amount to their order by nominating a tip amount to add to their bill. The entirety of the tip goes directly to the restaurant and is not subject to any commission. Since its launch, Deliveroo customers in Singapore have generously contributed over $240,000 in tips to support their favourite local restaurants, with Deliveroo matching the first 20,000 tips.

"We are immensely grateful for the tips contributed by Deliveroo and its customers. As with most restaurants, we have been struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic, and every little bit helps. The challenge is far from over, and our business continues to be impacted, especially now that we are unable to welcome dine-in guests as part of tighter restrictions with Phase Two (Heightened Alert). We hope that Singaporeans will continue to support us by ordering from us, and with Deliveroo's tipping function, even a small tip is greatly appreciated as it helps us keep the business going and allows us to continue putting a smile on our customers' faces with delicious and hearty meals, delivered directly to their homes," said Karthik Alagappan, Director of Taste of India Restaurant.

Responding to the needs of restaurants since the pandemic, Deliveroo had launched various restaurant-focused initiatives, including:

  • 'Reunion Soon?' campaign that encouraged its customers to visit restaurants for dine-in when they reopened in phase two post-circuit breaker last year.
  • In September 2020, Deliveroo unveiled the 'That Deserves' campaign, a $500,000 booster fund to help restaurants and customers navigate through the impact of COVID-19. The investment covered initiatives including funding restaurants who use their own delivery feet, so that customers can enjoy free deliveries from restaurants typically out of their usual delivery radius.
  • Last month, Deliveroo treated its customers to a discounted $1 delivery fee for orders throughout April and rolled out attractive $1 deals with participating restaurants.
  • Most recently, Deliveroo added 25 Cold Storage outlets and 30 Giant stores onto its platform, offering customers access to more than 1,400 grocery items. To make it easier for customers to order everyday grocery essentials from the safety and comfort of their homes, Deliveroo has introduced a free delivery for all grocery orders this month in May.

Rider support and measures

With food delivery services becoming an indispensable part of our daily lives, delivery riders are the unsung heroes of the F&B industry; a role that puts them at the heart of Deliveroo's business. Deliveroo regularly engage its riders through various initiatives and support measures, including:

  • Sharing of official guidance and regular updates to remind riders of ways to stay healthy, such as washing hands regularly, monitoring their temperatures twice daily, avoiding touching their face with their hands, avoiding crowded places and staying at home if they're sick.
  • Setting up a Rider Support Fund so riders who are diagnosed with the virus or who are told to isolate themselves by a medical authority will be eligible for financial support.
  • A post-order tipping function for Deliveroo customers to add a post-order rider tip by nominating an amount upon completion of their delivery, the entirety of which will go directly to the rider.

Note to Editors

  • One-month trial for Deliveroo Plus is applicable for new subscribers only. The usual price for the subscription is $16.90/month. Deliveroo Plus customers can enjoy free delivery on orders of $18 and above.
  • Deliveroo will match the first 10,000 customer tips up to a total combined sum of $10,000 for all of Deliveroo's contributions, whichever occurs first, from 25 May to 13 June. Terms and conditions listed here.

Annex A

List of restaurant partners participating in the weekday tea time and dinner deals from 26 May:

Weekday Tea Time Deals (Between 2pm - 5pm)

Weekday Dinner Deals (Between 6pm - 9pm)

Customers can enjoy a 20% discount on orders above $20, capped at $6.

Customers can enjoy a 15% discount on orders above $30, capped at $5.

Participating brands include:

  • Krispy Kreme
  • Shihlin Street Snacks
  • Boost Juice Bar
  • Ji De Chi
  • Pezzo
  • Pezzo
  • Tuk Tuk Cha
  • Kuriya Japanese Mart

Participating brands include:

  • A-One Claypot House
  • Kimly Seafood
  • Popeyes
  • Swensen's
  • The Daily Cut
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