Have a rollin' good time with Deliveroo and WOOSHI’s limited edition DIY sushi making family kit!

Have a rollin' good time with Deliveroo and WOOSHI’s limited edition DIY sushi making family kit!

  • Pick from an assortment of colourful ingredients to curate your very own sushi, or choose from WOOSHI's signature sushi roll options!

The long-awaited June school holidays are finally here, and Singapore's most-loved food delivery service, Deliveroo, has teamed up with popular Singapore-based sushi brand WOOSHI to roll out a limited edition DIY sushi making family kit to keep the little ones occupied at home.

A fun activity for all ages, the DIY sushi making family kit is perfect for a family of four and makes it easy to create tasty, nutritious rolls in the comfort of your kitchen. To get started, choose from a medley of yummy filling ingredients from the likes of salmon sashimi, tempura enoki and furikake, to construct a custom-made sushi roll that's jam-packed with your favourite flavours. If you don't know which ingredients to choose from, you can also opt for WOOSHI's delectable signature rolls - seafood wrap, chicken wrap or vegetarian! (For a full list of ingredients, please refer to the Appendix).

Each family kit also comes with two base ingredients: rice and nori, the special seaweed to bind your sushi rolls, as well as a special gift, a bamboo rolling mat. Not sure how to roll your own sushi? Don't fret! There's even an easy-to-follow instructional video that you can access by scanning the QR code in the kit.

Starting from 15 June 2021, the limited edition DIY sushi making family kits will be available exclusively from WOOSHI's Katong and Fusionopolis outlets on Deliveroo, starting from $25. With only 40 kits up for grabs, it's first come, first served - so don't miss out on creating these Japanese delights that are as fun to make as they are to eat! WOOSHI's DIY sushi making family bundle is available until the end of the year.


Scan the following QR code to access the easy-to-follow instructional video:


Create your own sushi with these flavourful ingredients:

Rice base

Premium sushi rice or brown rice

One main

Cold: Sous-vide chicken, JUST Egg, Salmon sashimi (+$2.50)

Warm: Grilled tofu, Teriyaki chicken, Lemongrass chicken, Tempura ebi, Bulgogi beef, Torched unagi (+$3) or TINDLE "chicken" katsu (+$2)

One filler

Edamame, Cherry tomatoes, Pickled radish, Peppery bell peppers, Kani sticks, Tender tamago, Carrot strips, Curly cucumber, Sweet corn, Kale strips, Japanese ginger, Tempura enoki, Boiled egg, Crunchy ebiko, Mixed cabbage or Jalapenos

One topping

Crushed peanuts, Seaweed strips, Tempura puffs, Furikake, Bonito flakes, Sesame mix, Fried shallots, Nori chicken floss, Toasted almonds or Togarashi

One sauce

Slippery chili crab, Holy Mayo, Mala Lava, Yoozoo Sesame, Double Dark Sesame, Salted Eggness, Spicy Mayo, Nacho Cheese, Smokey Dokey BBQ, Twisted Thai Chili, Totally Teriyaki, Cashew Mint, Super Sambal, Go Gochujang Go or Mentaiko

WOOSHI's signature rolls include:

Seafood Wrap

Chicken Wrap





Premium Sushi Rice

Premium Sushi Rice

Brown Rice

Tempura Ebi

Sous Vide Chicken

Tempura Enoki

Kani Sticks

Tender Tamago



Mix Cabbage

Pickled Radish

Slippery Chilli Crab Sauce

Smoky BBQ Sauce

Yozoo Sesame Sauce

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