Deliveroo Rolls Out Futuristic Food Market in Singapore, Powered by a Fully-Automated Dining Experience

Deliveroo Rolls Out Futuristic “Food Market” in Singapore, Powered by a Fully-Automated Dining Experience

  • The firm's newest site, Deliveroo Food Market, is its largest and most advanced site yet

Food delivery giant Deliveroo today launches its biggest and most innovative Editions site in Singapore, located at [email protected] The site, called Deliveroo Food Market features 10 kitchens and a 40-seater dine-in space powered by a futuristic fully-automated ordering experience in collaboration with eatsa, a San Francisco-based technology automation company. Nine restaurants including Bonchon Chicken, Omakase Burger and Blu Kouzina will offer their unique cuisines at Deliveroo Food Market.

Deliveroo Editions is the company's revolutionary concept of delivery-only kitchens - now a world-wide phenomenon. Deliveroo's Food Market sites build on this by adding a dine in space for customers. Deliveroo is passionate about food and wants to champion local favorites, taking them to new areas for customers to enjoy great variety and more choice. This is all about adding a greater selection for customers.

"We are committed to growth in Singapore and Deliveroo Food Market at [email protected] is our biggest and most innovative site yet, with self-serve kiosks and digital cubbies making the order and pick up process much more efficient for both customers and restaurants. As a company, we are all about food and believe in investing in the latest technology to provide the best experience for all customers, whether they choose to dine in or have food delivered to their doorsteps," said Siddharth Shanker, General Manager, Deliveroo Singapore.

Embracing The Future of Dining

The new Deliveroo Food Market at [email protected] is infused with technology, designed to offer customers a taste of dining in the future. Self-serve kiosks and automated digital cubbies from eatsa power the order and pick up process, making the entire experience easy, seamless and fuss-free for both customers and restaurants:

  • Customers first place their orders at the self-serve kiosks onsite.
  • Once their food is ready, it will be placed in one of twelve digital cubbies for pick up.
  • Customers will receive a notification on a digital status board to pick up their food from the designated cubby, and choose to enjoy it either onsite or take it away.

"The restaurant industry, led by innovative leaders like Deliveroo, is evolving to accommodate today's on-demand consumers. We're thrilled Deliveroo has selected our technology platform to realize their vision of delivering the best customer experience in the world. Together, we're ushering in new, unique, efficient ways for people to get their next meal," said Tim Young, CEO of eatsa.

Taking learnings from its previous two sites, the new site also has dedicated areas for kitchens, rider pick-up and waiting points so each function becomes much more efficient. Riders can also rest and recharge in the site's waiting area, which is equipped with charging points.

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