Deliveroo Singapore partners TreeDots to help restaurants reduce their carbon footprint and operating costs amid inflation

  • Restaurant partners that sign up for the initiative can save up to 90% on food procurement costs on various quality products, including meat and vegetables.
  • By opting to purchase produce from TreeDots, restaurants can help reduce food waste in Singapore

Deliveroo Singapore today announced its partnership with local social enterprise TreeDots. Established in 2017, TreeDots was founded on the idea that ugly or unwanted food is just as delicious and nutritious as perfect-looking produce. The collaboration aims to help restaurant partners on Deliveroo save costs amid rising food inflation, which hit 5.4% in June from 4.5% in May.

Restaurants that sign up for the initiative can achieve cost saving through TreeDots' technology, which helps redistribute unsold inventory from suppliers to businesses such as restaurants, enabling them to obtain affordable food supplies. Restaurants can place orders directly on TreeDots' online marketplace and save up to 90% on food procurement costs on various quality products, from meat such as chicken, seafood, and poultry to fruits like avocados and vegetables such as broccoli. To help further alleviate business costs, restaurant partners on Deliveroo can enjoy an exclusive $15 rebate when they sign up for an account with TreeDots and accumulate $150 worth of purchases before 31 October 2022.

By opting to purchase produce from TreeDots, which are generally surplus or imperfect food items that would otherwise be thrown away, Deliveroo's restaurant partners will effectively minimise their carbon footprint and contribute to Singapore's Zero Waste vision. Food waste is one of the most significant waste streams in Singapore, and the amount of food waste generated has grown by around 20% over the last ten years.

Jiacai Lau, Co-founder, TreeDots said, "We are pleased to partner with Deliveroo in this meaningful initiative to support their restaurant partners during this challenging time. At TreeDots, we aim to connect suppliers and F&B businesses by selling excess or imperfect food supply at lower prices without compromising quality. With this business model, we also want to make achieving sustainability easier and support businesses on their journey to zero waste. To date, we have saved more than 2,500 tonnes of food waste, most of which consists of chicken and seafood. Our goal is to save two million tonnes of food from being wasted by 2025."

"At Deliveroo, we are incredibly passionate about food and are committed to finding new ways to help our partners thrive amid rising costs. Our partnership with TreeDots will offer them a solution to save on food procurement costs across various quality products so they can continue achieving positive business margins. As a socially responsible company, we are also pleased to help our partners become more sustainable through this initiative. We have been here for our partners through the pandemic, and we will be here for them through this next hurdle," said Jason Parke, General Manager, Deliveroo Singapore.

Since the pandemic, Deliveroo has launched various restaurant-focused initiatives, responding to the needs of restaurants. This includes establishing teams across the business to support restaurants on the platform. During the dine-in ban, Deliveroo refocused its marketing initiatives to profile local restaurants and highlight delivery as 'open for business' to encourage consumers to support their local restaurants.

Deliveroo also launched a tipping functionality during the circuit breaker period where customers could opt-in to add a tip to their order by nominating a tip amount to add to their bill. The entirety of the tip goes directly to the restaurant and is not subject to any commission. Since its launch, Deliveroo customers in Singapore have generously contributed over $390,000 in tips to support their favourite local restaurants, with Deliveroo matching the first 20,000 tips.

Past sustainability initiatives by Deliveroo include partnerships with barePack and BioPak, where the company offers sustainable packaging options to all restaurant partners with discounts to help them make the easy switch to eco-friendly packaging. Deliveroo has also signed the WWF's (World Wide Fund for Nature) PACT (Plastic ACTion) pledge, encouraging consumer behaviour change and restaurant partners to improve their packaging materials. In 2018, Deliveroo also made plastic cutlery an opt-in.

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