Deliveroo to double walker fleet in 2020

Deliveroo to double walker fleet in 2020

  • Providing more alternatives for riders and quicker deliveries for customers in the Central Business District

Food delivery company Deliveroo today announced its commitment to double its walker fleet in 2020. The walker programme was officially launched to the firm's riders last month, following a successful pilot with 50 selected riders in July. New and existing riders who deliver in the Central Business District (CBD) can opt to fulfil orders on foot, reducing time spent on the roads and looking for parking spaces in high traffic areas.

Since its launch in November, Deliveroo's walker fleet has grown to over 100. The number of orders completed by walkers has also grown by five times, and most of the riders who participated in the trial remain active on Deliveroo, with the firm seeing a steady rise in walker applications.

Deliveroo's walking deliveries in Singapore typically take less time than the average delivery time of 32 minutes. Deliveries are assigned by Frank, a world-class dispatch algorithm, which sorts through thousands of orders within seconds to identify the individual in the best position to fulfil each order according to various factors including weather, distance and location, among others. Walkers tend to be offered shorter trips than riders using vehicles, with the freedom to accept or reject any delivery.

"At Deliveroo, we're constantly innovating to deliver a better experience for our riders and customers. A walker programme that focuses on the CBD, does both. Deliveries are made with greater ease and speed, as evidenced from the positive feedback we received from the pilot. With walking deliveries now open for applications, we expect our walker fleet to double in the coming months and we will continue to work closely with riders to optimise the delivery process," said Siddharth Shanker, General Manager, Deliveroo Singapore.

"I enjoy being a walker with Deliveroo, as I don't need to find a place to park my vehicle and worry about losing it. The restaurants and customers in the CBD area are very accessible on foot, and the distances are manageable. As a walker with Deliveroo, I can exercise and earn an income at the same time. An added bonus is the surrounding view of the Singapore skyline." said Donald Yeo, 48.

Riders who register as walkers can deliver food on foot within Deliveroo's hours of operations in the CBD covering Raffles Place, City Hall, Chinatown, Bugis, Tanjong Pagar, Marina Bay and Little India. Just like riders using other vehicle types, walkers will undergo the same onboarding process and receive safety kits comprising a waterproof jacket, long-sleeve base layer and delivery bags. Deliveroo's large thermal bag and each clothing item in the safety kit is reflective, ensuring increased visibility while riders are on the move even in bad weather. Riders are required to wear a shirt or base layer of their choice made of at least 30% reflective material while completing deliveries for Deliveroo, to ensure increased visibility. The free insurance Deliveroo provides to riders also applies to its walkers. This is a first-of-its-kind accident and injury insurance which the company introduced in May 2018, covering riders' personal medical expenses and third-party liability insurance claims in the event of an accident. This gives riders security in the event of an injury, while maintaining the flexible work they value.

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