Deliveroo Singapore launches first-responder training programme for Suicide Prevention in partnership with Samaritans of Singapore (SOS)

Deliveroo Singapore launches first-responder training programme for Suicide Prevention in partnership with Samaritans of Singapore (SOS)

  • Close to 30 Deliveroo riders attended the Be a Samaritan (BAS) programme, where they were empowered with the right knowledge and skills to identify and support members of the public in distress.
  • The workshop covered various aspects of suicide prevention, including identifying suicide warning signs, risk factors, facts and myths and avenues for seeking help.
  • Over 200 Deliveroo riders will also display Suicide Prevention Awareness stickers on their delivery bags during the month of September to spread awareness of the cause.

To mark World Suicide Prevention Day (10 September), Deliveroo Singapore has partnered with suicide prevention non-profit Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) to conduct a first-responder training workshop for close to 30 riders to equip them with vital skills and knowledge to better support the vulnerable in the community.

Held on 22 and 29 August 2022, the Be a Samaritan (BAS) programme, conducted by SOS trainers, covered important aspects of identifying suicide warning signs, ways to support at-risk individuals and  available help resources to encourage early help seeking.

Suicide is a major public and mental health concern in communities worldwide. Riders who attended the training received a certificate of completion and gained confidence in identifying and offering support to distressed individuals. A select group of Deliveroo employees will also undergo training in September.

The programme was officially opened by Ms Tan Li San, Chief Executive Officer of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). NCSS was an early mover in advocating for mental health conversations and promoting help-seeking behaviours in Singapore, having launched the Beyond the Label campaign in 2018, a movement to address stigma faced by persons with mental health conditions in society.

"Suicide is preventable, and everyone can play a role in saving lives and creating a mentally resilient  community. The first step is learning  more about the issue of suicide and equipping ourselves with the  knowledge and skills to provide first-line support to family, friends or colleagues, while encouraging those who need professional help to seek it. I commend SOS and Deliveroo for creating an opportunity for Deliveroo riders to spread awareness about suicide prevention so we can encourage conversation and reduce stigma," said Ms Tan.

In addition to the BAS programme, over 200 Deliveroo riders will support SOS' World Suicide Prevention Month efforts by displaying a campaign sticker on their delivery bags during the month of September. Each sticker contains information about suicide prevention, including the SOS 24/7 helpline, and is designed to spark conversations around suicide and spread awareness about suicide prevention.

"We are pleased to partner with Deliveroo for World Suicide Prevention Month. Our goal is to widen the social safety nets so that the public can look out for one another, and what better way to raise visibility than to engage Deliveroo riders who deliver food and grocery to every corner of Singapore. By empowering the riders with the proper knowledge and skills, they will be able to recognise warning signs and encourage distressed individuals to seek help. Suicide is still taboo and stigmatised, and breaking down the barrier of stigma is vital to conversation and understanding. We hope more individuals and organisations  will come forward to participate in our training programmes," said Gasper Tan, Chief Executive, Samaritans of Singapore.

"Our riders are at the heart of our business and are frequently seen throughout the community as they deliver Singaporeans' favourite food all over town. Equipping them with such essential skills can make a world of difference. We are also heartened that our riders have volunteered to use our recognisable delivery bags to create awareness in support of such an important cause. The positive response from our riders has inspired us, and we appreciate their continued willingness to participate in programs to give back to the community. We hope this campaign will help raise awareness of suicide prevention and reduce the stigma surrounding suicide," said Jason Parke, General Manager, Deliveroo Singapore.

Deliveroo believes that its riders are a force for good in local communities. Since 2019, the food delivery company has implemented First Aid training to equip riders with vital skills and first aid knowledge to respond to on-the-ground emergencies. In October 2021, Deliveroo collaborated with Silver Ribbon Singapore to conduct Rider Stress Management workshops to teach riders the importance of mental health and valuable tips on managing challenging situations.

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