Indulge Guilt-Free and Graze Mindfully with Deliveroo’s Healthy Snack Recommendations

Indulge Guilt-Free and Graze Mindfully with Deliveroo’s Healthy Snack Recommendations

  • Make better snack decisions today, with top tips from Deliveroo and leading functional medicine and culinary nutritionist Karin Graubard-Reiter

11 am: pop a curry puff; 2 pm: indulge in a cup of bubble tea; 5 pm: reach for a pack of chips or a chocolate bar… Sounds familiar? If this sounds like you, you might just be making some very calorific choices that do little to really satisfy your cravings.

Latest data from Euromonitor has found that more people around the world are snacking without satisfying their hunger as they increasingly adopt a flexible eating style, encompassing small meals and snacking on the go. As huge foodies here at leading food delivery service Deliveroo, we know all too well the temptation that comes with that delicious kueh on the counter or the crispy croissant in the pantry. Deliveroo has worked with functional medicine and culinary nutritionist Karin Graubard-Reiter to unpack the real reasons behind why we are always dying for that sugary donut, and how hungry foodies can make all make better snack decisions all around.

A morning pick-me-up

Always feeling sluggish by mid-morning? This is because your blood glucose levels have dipped, especially if your breakfast and lunch hours are more than four hours apart. Karin recommends picking up a snack with healthy fats like chia seeds and proteins like yogurt to keep your blood glucose levels stable. Believe us when we say this will result in increased energy and focus. Deliveroo's top picks: Salad Stop's Strawberry Chia Pudding, Kitchen by Food Rebel's Bulletproof Coffee or a Banana x Crunch Acai Bowl from Absolute Acai.

The post-lunch daze

The post-lunch sleepiness is real - for everyone. Late-in-the-day energy lags are a natural part of our circadian rhythms (a natural, internal process of the human body regulating the sleep-wake cycle), and can be exacerbated by lack of sleep and rest. To combat this, keep your energy flowing by combining carbohydrates with proteins or fats to keep you fuller for longer, and keep you going! Deliveroo's top picks: Oatberry Granola Kitchen's Apricot Almond Energy Balls, Shake Farm's Wakey Wakey Coffee Shake, or Kitchen by Food Rebel's Chocolate Energy Balls

Tired and wired

Stressors occur in our everyday lives, and when this happens, cortisol (aka the fight-or-flight hormone) is released. Cortisol raises and then sharply drops your blood sugar levels, causing you to feel drained and frazzled. According to Karin, you should snack on foods that keep blood sugar levels stable and boost serotonin production, a neurotransmitter promoting feelings of relaxation and calm. Complex carbohydrates like a good ol' hummus, healthy fats like nut butters and antioxidants like blueberries are what you should have on your list when you're feeling anxious as they help to boost serotonin production. Deliveroo's top picks: Haakon Superfoods and Juice's Acai Pie Super Smoothie, Shake Farm's Stress Less Shake or its Banana Nutter toast

Fuel your body the right way

Not eating enough before a workout can make you dizzy, nauseated or lethargic, as your body needs a lot of energy for exercise. Do grab a small snack with ample carbohydrates and potassium, one or two hours before a workout. Carbohydrates and potassium are present in coconut water, fruits and nuts, and this can help support nerve and muscle function to prepare your body for a smashing workout. Deliveroo's top picks: Gracious Natural's Fresh Fruit Salad, a refreshing Coconut Juice from Mr Coconut or a Banana Smoothie from SPRMRKT Daily

Karin shares, "Nutritious snacking can be a great health hack in your weight-loss and wellness regime. Balanced snacks which are low in sugar can provide a sustained release of energy when you feel tired or stressed, preventing you from eating more at mealtimes and at the same time give you the right amount of energy to exercise harder and recover better. On Deliveroo, there is a huge variety of nutritious snacks you can order in together with your snack buddies or best friends. By understanding what your body needs, you can make healthy snack decisions which will energise and nourish you."

Now that you're equipped with these nutritious snack suggestions, it's time to put them to action and order them through Deliveroo today!

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