The Heat is on with Deliveroo This International Chilli Day

The Heat is on with Deliveroo This International Chilli Day

  • Are you more of a 'mellow' mild or 'dare-devil' extra hot?

Whether it's spicy Szechuan chicken, a fiery Vindaloo curry or 'blow-your-head off' Buffalo Wings, there's no denying that Singaporeans love their spicy food. To celebrate International Chilli Day on Thursday, February 28, Deliveroo, has compiled a list of the spiciest most tongue-tingling dishes to challenge your tastebuds. Regardless of your personal spice-o-meter, tuck into one of these fiery dishes, available on Deliveroo, to spice up your day.

Dare-Devil Extra Hot

Spicy Buffalo Wings – OverEasy ($17.12) – OverEasy is Singapore's quintessential American diner, featuring iconic dishes and nostalgic crowd favourites from across America. Wrap your chops around their Spicy Buffalo Wings and challenge yourself to one, or all three 'Spicyness Levels' available. Will you go for Wimp (Level 1), Hot Stuff (Level 2), or for only the bravest amongst us, the Crazy Mofo (Level 3)?

Pork, Chicken or Beef Vindaloo – Quentin's the Eurasian Restaurant ($20.12-$21.19) – Quentin's introduces the past, present and future of Eurasian cuisine, passed down from generations. Their traditional tongue-searing Vindaloo recipe hails from Goa, a kaleidoscopic blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures, and is made with fresh local herbs and spices served with potatoes and vinegar.

Hooting Hot!

American Hottest - Pizza Express ($29.96) – Handcrafting delectable freshly made pizzas since 1965, PizzaExpress's cheesy doughy goodness is also available straight to your door via Deliveroo. Featuring a plethora of ingredients including pepperoni, hot green peppers, jalapeno, fresh red chilli, spicy Italian sausage, passata and buffalo mozzarella, finished with torn buffalo mozzarella, parsley and chilli oil, their American Hottest is perfect for those who like it hot.

Spicy Fried Chilli Diced Chicken, Stir Fry Spicy Large Intestine – You Ma You La (both $15.00) – From a humble hawker stall to one of the best hotpot spots in Singapore, You Ma You La is the go-to to satisfy all your mala cravings. Start with their spicy pot base ($1.80), and add Zichar Sichuan dishes such as their Spicy Fried Chilli Diced Chicken or Spicy Stir Fry Large Intestine. Finish with vibrant vegetables including gourd, kudas and water spinach.

Marvellous Medium

Tahu Telor – Tambuah Mas ($12.31) – The most established Indonesian restaurant in Singapore, Tambuah Mas serves fine, authentic Indonesian homestyle cuisines from Pedang, Sulawesi and Java. Their Tahu Telor, a traditional Indonesian street food, comprises fried cubed beancurd and eggs, topped with spicy-sweet dark sauce and cooling cucumber.

Pollo Rojo – Lower East Side Taqueria ($22.00) – Lower East Side Taqueria is the first Mexican-inspired concept to hit East Coast Road. Easties can enjoy the restaurants grilled red spicy chicken pot with tomatoes, onion, garlic, cilantro, served with a zesty helping of lime rice to cool the tastebuds.

Mellow Mild

Spicy Black – Ippudo Ramen ($20.50) – This ramen from Ippudo, one of Japan's most famous tonkotsu ramen shops, features Ippudo original tonkotsu broth with special spicy minced meat miso specially prepared using black pepper, shansho and other spices. Enhanced with new spicy fragrant spicy oil, and served with thin noodles, chashu and healthy pakuchi, this stomach-warming bowl of ramen goodness is a strong start for those looking to tread their toes into the world of spice.

Spicy Pork – Chicken Up ($16.05) – Labelled as Singapore's #1 Korean Fried Chicken, due to its world-class fried chicken creations, and at the forefront of contemporary Korean cuisine, Chicken Up's thrilling hot Korean spicy pork brings a shocking pleasure to your taste buds. Served with rice.

Because variety is the spice of life – what could be better than red hot foodie goodness delivered straight to your door this International Chilli Day? Arriba!

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