Deliveroo Investigates Singaporeans’ Pasta Know-How This World Pasta Day

Deliveroo Investigates Singaporeans’ Pasta Know-How This World Pasta Day

  • Can you tell your Penne from your Pappardelle?

Singapore claims to be a foodie nation, but can we live up to this reputation when it comes to Pasta? To mark World Pasta Day, Deliveroo took to the streets to uncover just how much Singaporeans know about Pasta…

Are Singaporeans Pasta Impastas?

In a survey of Deliveroo customers, 94% of respondents expressed a deep love for Pasta, with more than 1 in 2 eating Pasta at least once a week. This matches data from Singapore's most loved food delivery service, which revealed that Pasta orders have gone up by 20% over the past year.

Having consumed so much of this delicious staple, a whopping 74% of consumers said they could easily name five Pasta types or more.

As it turns out, we Singaporeans are not too shabby indeed! From Farfelle to Fusilli, lion city locals proved to be steady bom pi pi, though our pal Conchiglie threw us a bit of a curveball. But well, we cannoli know so much.

On Our Pasta Eating Habits

According to Deliveroo's data, the most popular Pasta type based on orders is Spaghetti, followed by Linguine, Penne, Lasagne and Tagliatelle. And our favourite Pasta dishes are Bolognese Spaghetti, Classic Carbonara and Chicken Penne, which is hardly surprising as we tend to be creatures of habit. In fact, 71% of people surveyed said they would only try an unfamiliar dish if the menu description sounded delectable enough.

Interestingly, Deliveroo rakes up about 50% more Pasta orders at dinner time compared to lunch. Seems the dish is one of those hearty, high-carbo meals best enjoyed after a full day's work. Data also revealed that the most popular restaurant picks for Pasta orders are Da Paolo, PS. Café and Pizza Express.

Almost half of respondents surveyed have visited the home country of Pasta, Italy, and swear that it's worth every penne. Many have even tried to replicate that authentic taste in their homes, with 42% agreeing that they have at some point managed to whipped up an Italiano culinary masterpiece.

 So, how will you be spending this World Pasta Day?

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