Can Deliveroo Fans Set Realistic Food Resolutions?

Can Deliveroo Fans Set Realistic Food Resolutions?

  • Or are Singaporeans biting off more than they can chew...

The start of the year is often a time to hit the reset button on one's diet, particularly after all the year-end indulgences. From meat-free Mondays to cutting out carbs, we've seen all kinds of colourful and creative food resolutions, but how well do Singaporeans fare when it comes to actually sticking to them? The nation's most loved food delivery service, Deliveroo, dived knee-deep into data to find out.

The year started out strong with salad bowls, soup noodles, salmon wraps and beef pho making it into the most ordered dishes in January. This presented a stark difference compared to December's fan favourites, which heralded a host of party deals comprising burgers, fried chicken, pizza, fries, tacos, and fish and chips. Ice-cold beers and ciders, the perfect pairing for dine-in occasions in the final month of 2018, also saw a decline in the first month of the new year. Dry January anyone?

According to our Deliveroo data-miners, 35% of orders came from the healthier choice category in the first half of January and Singaporeans have proven to be creatures of habit with many ditching the fresh and funky for regular go-tos. In fact, one very big fan of Daily Cut's salad bowl has ordered the same dish every single day for the past two weeks! If that's not real commitment, we don't know what is.

So we foodies do appear to be putting up a good fight, but if there is ever a day we lose the battle, it's Fridays. Unsurprisingly, Mondays rake in the highest number of healthy orders, before the best of us start sliding down the slippery slope of sinful sustenance.

And now, with Chinese New Year upon the horizon just begging to usher in a new festival of feasting, can Singaporeans stand up to temptation? Well, to help us all out, Deliveroo has put together a list of healthy but heavenly meals to get us through.

Wholesome Lunches

The Rebel Chicken Burger by Food Rebel

  • Dirty clean eating at its best with hormone-free house-made patty served with a side of baked sweet potato fries

Tsukiji by Ninja Bowl

  • A wholesome bowl of Tuna tataki, asparagus and edamame, onsen egg, cherry tomatoes, sautéed zucchinis, sautéed mushrooms

Thunder Tea Rice by Thunder Tea Rice

  • Hakka-style veggie bowl with a generous serving of snake beans, julienned cabbage and finely chopped leafy greens, tau kwa, chye poh and crispy ikan bilis

Safe Snacks

Original Gui Lin Gao by Gong He Guan

  • Traditional herbal jelly known to work its magic on the digestive system by detoxifying the body

Beetroot Brownie by Yobites

  • A guilt-free treat without compromising on that chocolate hit

Mango Delight by Absolute Acai

  • Refreshing acai topped with granola, mangoes, cacao nibs and dried cranberries

Balanced Dinners

Bifteki Wrap by Blu Kouzina

  • A delicious homemade ground beef patty wrapped in pita bread, with tzatziki sauce, fresh tomato, red onion, and red paprika

Pumpkin Tofu Bibimbap by Dosirak

  • Comforting Korean flavours in the form of cabbage, spinach, seasoned chickpeas, corn and beansprouts

Chicken Pesto Salad by Haakon

  • A lean but mean grilled chicken breast, mushrooms, quinoa, tomato salsa, raw cabbage slaw, mesclun and low cal pesto

Because after all, while keeping your resolutions might not be a piece of cake, it doesn't have to be an uphill culinary struggle.

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