What Are Singaporeans Ordering To Satisfy Those #StayHome Cravings?

What Are Singaporeans Ordering To Satisfy Those #StayHome Cravings?

  • Local delights, DIY salad, burrito bowls and fast food favourites emerge as top orders as Deliveroo reveals Singaporeans' food delivery habits during COVID-19

It's no secret that Singapore is a nation of foodies. In fact, staying home during the COVID-19 period has not in the least hindered Singaporeans' passion for food. Ever wondered what Singaporeans crave for when it comes to ordering in during the new normal? Singapore's favourite food delivery service Deliveroo reveals mouthwatering orders from across our Little Red Dot, including our penchant for crispy doughy prata, oh-so-sweet bubble tea and the love-it-or-hate it King of Fruit durian.

Chinese, Indian and local delights hit the spot across Singapore's 'hoods

While we know that Singaporeans love eating Asian food, Chinese takes the crown for most orders overall in 2020 to date, followed by Indian and other regional cuisines. For those living in the North, Singaporeans' undying love for local dishes is palpable with our national cuisine taking second place.

Islandwide, the most popular breakfast dishes were siew mai, the classic French croissant, pain au chocolat and Indian-styled egg and plain pratas, with the breakfast category seeing a sharp increase in orders by over 120% over the circuit breaker period as consumer settled into work from home life. In fact, there were enough prata orders to span the width of the 146-metre infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands end-to-end 56 times over! Chinese wanton noodles, BBQ pork buns, American-style tuna sandwiches and cheese melts, and DIY salad and burrito bowls topped orders for lunchtime favourites, contributing to more than 60% increase in orders over the circuit breaker period during lunch al desko.

As consumers swapped after work drinks with colleagues for cosy evenings at home with family or friends from April to June, teatime saw a sharp 80% surge in consumers hitting the platform, with Singaporeans choosing American sundae pies, chicken nuggets and curry puffs as hot favourites. Dinner saw a preference for Indian garlic naan, butter chicken curry, Italian pizzas and Chinese BBQ pork buns and rice, while late night orders saw the biggest increase overall at 130%, thanks to night owls chowing down late into the evening.

Curbing work from home cravings with coffee and carbs

Foodies are still foodies even as they adjust to working from home, with Deliveroo observing dinner times shifting an hour earlier during the circuit breaker period. The biggest dinnertime order from January to August was a whopping $1,438 order from a tapas bar in the central business district. In fact, it took 14 hardworking Deliveroo riders to deliver the Italian feast. Who says you can't have a restaurant experience brought directly to your doorstep?

With more Singaporeans working from home, nothing spells happiness like a good cup of joe to start the day off right! Singaporeans are clearly creatures of habit and show a fierce loyalty to beloved coffee chains, with some of our biggest American coffeehouses coming out as top favourites.

The data also revealed Singaporeans' fascination with bubble tea. With bubble tea shops reopening in Phase 2, Deliveroo has seen a double digit growth in order numbers, reinforcing what we have already known; that Singaporeans are truly boba-obsessed. Weekends continue to see the most orders for the tea-based beverage across Singapore, with one customer going all out on having a bubble-tea'rrific time with a whopping $195 order from Taiwanese dessert favourite Blackball.

"It is heartening to see from our data that food and drinks have helped bring a smile to Singaporean faces even during these uncertain times. From fulfilling carb cravings to sharing platters, we believe that food has the power to bring consumers together, even when physically apart. That's why, we remain dedicated to providing the widest choice and selection at the best prices, delivering an amazing food delivery experience for our customers, whenever and wherever they want it, whether it's morning, noon or night!" said Sarah Tan, Interim General Manager, Deliveroo Singapore.

Chow down favorites for #stayhome celebrations

And what about special occasions? From January to August, Singaporeans couldn't get enough of finger-licking fast food like fish burgers and popcorn chicken, with seasonal sharing platters also proving a popular chow down choice during the festivities.

While Singaporeans celebrated key events such as National Day and Hari Raya with family and friends, their spirits were definitely not dampened staying home, with both holidays seeing nearly 40% and 57% increase in orders respectively versus the same holidays in 2019. Sweet-tooths got their sugar fix with Twelve Cupcakes and Krispy Kreme donuts, just some of the most ordered items across both holidays, while National Day saw a surge in orders for king of the fruit Mao Shan Wang from Durian Man.

Did your #stayhome order craving make it to our list? Watch this space to find out what the second half of the year brings for food delivery trends.

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