Deliveroo Kicks Off Singapore Rugby Sevens With Delicious $5 Discounts

Deliveroo Kicks Off Singapore Rugby Sevens With Delicious $5 Discounts

  • S$7 game meals? What a score!

Sports-hungry Singaporeans have much to look forward to as the Singapore Rugby Sevens returns for another year of "Box Kick", "Ankle Tap" and "Conversions". If you're planning to gather with some friends for a match-day marathon, Deliveroo is offering delicious $5 discounts on their $12 menu - making it easier to tackle any Rugby Sevens home party you're planning to be a part of. Because really, what's the point of cheering on your favourite rugby teams without some good food and drinks to go along with?

To get a piece of the $7 action this 13-14 April, simply key in the voucher name RUGBY7S under Account; Account credit. The $5 credit will be automatically deducted when you place your order. Filter by '$12 menu' to search for participating restaurants.

If you need some food-spiration while watching the match from the comfort of your own home, check out Deliveroo's compilation of match worthy munch, including 'wheeling' wings, 'penalty' Pizzas and 'drop kick' dogs:

Chicken Chop Combo or 1 Pc Drumstick & 3 Pcs Wings Combo - 4 Fingers

Bound to make you go "shiok ah!" is 4 Fingers Fried Chicken. Underneath the crispy skin lies juicy chicken ready to be gobbled up with Fries and a cooling soft drink to tame those tastebuds.

Nasi Lemak Set and Popiah Prawn with Barley Drink - Qi Ji

Die-hard fans of local cuisine are in for a treat with Qi Ji's Nasi Lemak. Wrap your chops around fragrant pandan coconut rice, signature sambal chilli, ikan bilis and crispy chicken wing. Served with Popiah Prawn and Barley, this is truly a foodie match made in heaven!

2 Tex Supreme Burger Meals - Texas Chicken

Next up is Texas Chicken's 2 Tex Supreme Burger Meal, containing 2 Tex Supreme Burgers, 2 Regular Sides and 2 Regular Drinks. A chickentastic feast for you and match buddy.

Congee and Drink - Dim Sum Inc by Crystal Jade

Both young and the old can delight in Dim Sum Inc's comforting congee while watching the game. From classic lean meat and century egg, to signature shredded chicken and duck, there's something for every palette.

Cheese Steak with Nacho Cheese Fries & drink - Toko Burgers and Cheesesteaks

Beef up with a juicy Cheesesteak sandwich, Nacho Cheese Fries and choice of any drink from TBC while mid-game. No sweating it out in the gym required to 'beef-up' here!

Fish & Chips with Tuitti Soda and Coke - Platform 1094

Tuck into a wickedly fun meal with Platform 1094's wizardry themed Fish and Chips Set with choice of Tuitti Soda and Coke. Harry Potter fan or not, you're bound to be a keeper if you order this dish.

The Loco Trios - Super Loco - Customs House

Hankering for Mexican? Satisfy your craving with The Loco Trio sets from Super Loco - Customs House Top tip: Go for set A if you're hungry for oh-so-dippable crunchy corn chips.

Hotdog and Soft Drink Deal - Fung Kee Hotdogs

What's a game feast without some good ol' hotdogs and a cup of fizzy drink to wash it all down. Specialising in Scandinavian hotdogs, order in Fung Kee Hotdogs to show your support for the Swedes. Choose from Buddy Coca Cola or Elderflower water as your tipple of choice.

6" Personal lite Pizza and Garlic bread roll with can of soft drink - My Pizza

If you're peckish half time you can't go wrong with a 6" Personal lite pizza. Top off the carb-fest with a garlic bread roll and a can of soft drink to quench your thirst.

Chocolate / Apple Crepe & Ice Cream - Creamology

For that post-dinner treat to satisfy that sweet tooth, Creamology's Crepe with Premium Ice Cream Set will be a game-changer. Choose from Chocolate or Apple, topped off with a choice of Durian, Sea Salt Caramel, Coconut Taro Yam, Horlicks or Pistachio Sicilian.

So take advantage of this delicious deal, get settled on the sofa and show some support for your team!

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