Deliveroo to the rescue for frazzled parents this June school holidays

Deliveroo to the rescue for frazzled parents this June school holidays

  • Tears, tantrums and tiredness? We've got you covered with three specially-curated SOS kits

This time of year, all over Singapore, classrooms are abuzz with anticipation as the smell of freedom wafts closer. The holidays are near and term breaks are simply the best, right? Well, it really depends on who you ask. Amidst the cheers of children, we hear the collective, weighted sigh of parents across the island who now have to fill their children's schedules, entertain them, clean up after them.. The list goes on.

This year, to get exhausted mums and dads through the month of mayhem without waving the white flag, Deliveroo is teaming up with Singapore's foremost French bakery group Tiong Bahru Bakery to launch three unique SOS Kits, in the form of food for burnt-out parents who need a little rescuing. Exclusively available from 3-7 June 2019, through Deliveroo from Tiong Bahru Bakery's Raffles City outlet, here's a quick preview of the magical SOS kits:

  • Morning Booster (S$17.50)

For those permanently functioning in a state of exhaustion, this one's for you! Get a headstart to your day with a serving of crunchy and delicious small batch granola, packed with superfoods like cold pressed coconut oil, sunflower seeds, unskinned almonds, whole cashews and dried cranberries. Best enjoyed with a hit of vitamin C with our bottle of freshly squeezed juice.

  • Mid-Day Pick-Me-Up (S$11.80)

Sometimes, you deserve a treat by just getting through half the day. Why not make this in the shape of an almond chocolate croissant - a rich, flaky pastry made with 100% French flour and butter, filled with dark chocolate, topped with flaked almonds and dusted with icing sugar. For all you've endured, the package also comes with one tall, dark, rich… cup of hot coffee.  

  • Delish Dinner Treat (S$28.40)

Nothing brings more comfort than a warm bowl of no fuss yummy chicken fusilli, boasting a hearty serving of parmesan fusilli, tender chicken thigh ragu, local mushrooms and fresh basil. Savour every mouthful and wash it all down with a bottle of sparkling San Pellegrino for that bubbly you-made-it sensation.

These kits are everything you need to get through the June-holiday frenzy, with parenting set to play out at three times the usual speed. Before you reach breaking point, make that call for SOS!

*while stocks last

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