Who’s The Biggest Chocoholic? Deliveroo Reveals Singapore’s Biggest Sweet Tooths

Who’s The Biggest Chocoholic? Deliveroo Reveals Singapore’s Biggest Sweet Tooths

  • The West wins hands down, with Bukit Timah and Queenstown residents ordering over 70,000 chocolate orders over the past year
  • Subway's Chocolate Chip Cookie lands Singaporeans' favourite chocolate treat of all time
  • Deliveroo's largest chocolate order was a whopping $538.92 worth of chocolate bars from Little Farms

Is Singapore a nation of chocolate lovers? According to iPrice, Singaporeans' love for chocolate knows no bounds, with the little red dot ranking second for having the biggest sweet tooths in Southeast Asia. But, which neighbourhood is the true chocoholic and what are Singaporeans' most popular choco-treats? Deliveroo, Singapore's favourite food delivery service, scours its chocolate orders to uncover Singapore's biggest sweet tooths.

West Side, Choco-Side?

While we know Singaporeans have a special love for chocolate, the most passionate chocolate lovers seem to congregate in the West. According to Deliveroo's data, residents in the Bukit Timah and Queenstown made a staggering more than  70,000 chocolate orders in the past year, exceeding those from their Northern counterparts in Woodlands by seven times! Residents from the East at Katong and Geylang come in a close second, while Orchard and Tanglin rank at third place for the highest chocolate orders in Singapore.

Chocolate is a post-dinner delight

Based on Singaporeans' chocolate-ordering habits, the best time to indulge in a chocolate-y treat is at the end of the day. Deliveroo's data reveals that dinner is the most popular time for chocolate-flavoured orders on the app, with lunch following at a close second. What better way to end the night than with a choco-to-die-for treat?

Singaporeans love chocolate on…..everything!

Globally, nine out of ten people love chocolate. Besides the fact that it tastes great, chocolate also comes with health benefits such as boosting serotonin and dopamine levels. It comes with no surprise that Singaporeans welcome chocolate with open arms. Deliveroo's deep dive found that chocolate items of all kinds are well-loved within the local community. Singaporeans' top five favourite choco-indulgences? Chocolate chip cookies, chocolate pastries, chocolate shakes or chocolate lattes, chocolate toppings on ice cream or yogurt and the much beloved chocolate ice cream.

Is World Chocolate Day an unofficial national holiday?

The month of July saw the highest number of chocolate orders. Could the peak in orders be locals celebrating the month of World Chocolate Day? We'd love to ask the Singaporean who made the largest chocolate order on Deliveroo in the past year - spending a whopping $538.92 on Tony's Chocolonely bars from Little Farms!

Looking to satisfy your sweet cravings this World Chocolate Day on 7 July? Get your chocolate fix on Deliveroo! Be it a chocolate chip cookie from Subway, a chocolate-flavoured ice blended drink from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or a chocolate-drizzled yogurt from Yolé.

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Note to editors:

The data was collected using Deliveroo Singapore's order data from 1 June 2021 to 1 June 2022.

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