Huat your way into the new year with Deliveroo’s ultimate lucky dish

Huat your way into the new year with Deliveroo’s ultimate lucky dish

  • That's right, there's such a thing as eating for your zodiac sign

This Lunar New Year, Singapore's leading food delivery service has looked to the stars and teamed up with Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant to create the luckiest dish of all: Baked Salmon with Chef's Special Sauce accompanied with Stir-fried Broccoli and Minced Garlic (S$38+).  The best part - all 12 Chinese Zodiac signs can enjoy this culinary delight and usher in some foodie good fortune in the Year of the Pig.

To create this lucky dish, Peach Garden and Deliveroo consulted renowned Feng Shui master David Tong, Founder and Principal Consultant of Chinese Metaphysics Global (CMG) Consulting. According to Tong, ingredients like broccoli, garlic and salmon are ingredients all  Zodiacs should eat more of to stay healthy and in good shape this year! Paired with the chef's special honey, this makes for a perfect dish to kick off the year in the most prosperous way possible.

Tong's advice applies to all 12 Chinese Zodiac signs so whether you're an Ox, Monkey, Rooster or Dragon, it is time to order in, enjoy and trot into the new year! Ready to bring your diet into astrological alignment? From 18 January to 19 February 2019, Deliveroo diners will be able to get their hands on the exclusive dish, available at Peach Garden's Hotel Miramar, Chinatown Point and The Metropolis outlets.

Of course, Chinese New Year isn't complete without a feast. Along with the ultimate lucky dish, complete your meal with other exquisite dishes from Peach Garden's festive menu, including its Salmon Yu Sheng (S$83.46 for a small portion, and S$115.56 for large), Homemade Radish Cake (S$22.26), Stewed Pig's Trotter Rice Vermicelli (S$83.46) and Water Chestnut Pudding (S$21.19).

Our Feng Shui master also shared some wise words for each Zodiac sign to trot into the new year with better health and wealth. Those born in the Year of the Pig in particular, should take note of their heart health. Eat more foods rich in omega-3 acids such as salmon or tuna, or berries which are filled with heart-healthy phytonutrients and soluble fibre. A suggestion to all Pigs from us foodies here at Deliveroo: order a delectable Soy Citrus Seared Tuna Bimbimbap from Dosirak for your next meal.

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