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Deliveroo rolls out initiatives to support its community of customers, restaurants and riders in Singapore amid heightened COVID-19 restrictions

Deliveroo's support measures include a one-month free trial for Deliveroo Plus, discounts on orders from new-to-Deliveroo restaurants, local small and medium-sized businesses, as well as weekday tea time and dinner deals at up to 20% off. Deliveroo customers can support their favourite restaurants from home during the dine-in ban through Deliveroo's in-app tipping function, with Deliveroo matching the first 10,000 tips from tomorrow (25 May) until 13 June.In the past year, Deliveroo customers in Singapore have contributed over $240,000 in tips to restaurants, with Deliveroo matching the first 20,000 tips.

phase two (heightened alert) customer tip support initiatives
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